November Issue: Church Communications


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Church Communications: What is it?

By Rev. Emily Carson

Communication is defined as the “expressing and transmitting of thoughts, feelings, and information.” We all communicate all day every day – individually and as congregations. From the emails we send to the text messages we compose to the signage we have on the front of our churches, it’s all communication. It all deserves our attention and intention.

Within the Southeastern Minnesota Synod, we have a network of people who support one another in the shared work of communicating. Learn more about the monthly newsletter (“Communicator Corner”), Facebook group and annual gathering at

Church communicators are those who do any amount of communicating in their positions – this includes office administrators, secretaries, directors of communication, faith formation professionals, and rostered ministers. Both paid and volunteer staff can be communicators.

A meaningful approach to congregational communications extends far beyond the font we select for the weekly worship bulletin or the frequency of newsletter publication. Communications is a realm which also includes the way we frame our announcements, the style with which we engage our visitors, and the means by which we invite honest feedback from members and visitors.

There is no family of faith that communicates perfectly. It’s something we’re all working on and will continue to work on forever.

Regardless of the size of your congregation, there are always opportunities to be intentional about improving how we communicate. Sometimes when a church is large enough to support a paid communications professional, we mistakenly assume that it’s “someone else’s job” and we no longer need to worry about it. In actuality, we are all part of the communications team of our congregations! We are all involved in expressing thoughts, feelings, and information about our families of faith, and that means we are all communicators!

Ready to take the next step in approaching your congregation’s communications with intentionality?

  • Consider trying out one of the following suggestions:
  • Subscribe to “Communicator Corner”
  • Join the synod’s Communicator Facebook group
  • Participate in the annual Spring Communications Workshop
  • Take stock of all the ways your congregation is currently communicating; make a list.
  • Evaluate: explore ways your congregation could begin the process of honestly and openly evaluating what’s working and not working among your communications platforms.
  • Brainstorm: Email Rev. Emily Carson, the synod’s Director of Communications, to brainstorm together about ways to strengthen your congregation’s communications (

Communicating is part of daily life – in our homes, workplaces, and churches. It is worthwhile to take time to approach this realm of life with intentionality. Please consider partnering with the synod in making your church’s communications the healthiest and most effective that they can be.

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