January 2017: Introducing the 2017 Series


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Introducing the 2017  “What is?” Series

By Rev. Emily Carson

This year the Southeastern Minnesota Synod is focusing on the priority of equipping congregations. Equipped congregations are faith communities who feel ready to follow Jesus into a changing world. The staff of the Office of the Bishop is committed to doing all we can to equip congregations. Bishop Steven Delzer highlighted this when he said last spring, “I pledge to you that I and the Office of the Bishop staff will do everything we can to equip congregations and leaders to follow Jesus into a changing world.”

Last year’s focus was on developing leaders. This year, specific attention will be placed on equipping congregations. This focus will be evident throughout the events and publications of our synod in the year ahead.

One of the ways we will equip congregations is by empowering people to understand the purposes and functions of the synod. Throughout 2017, each issue of The Bridge will focus on a different core area of the synod’s work. It is called the “What is?” Series and will highlight the following themes in the year ahead:

  • February: Candidacy
  • March: Faith Formation Network
  •  April: Synod Assembly & The Pre-Assembly Report
  • May: Leading Together: The Annual Fund
  • June: Global Mission
  • July: Call Process
  • August: Synod Council
  • September: First Call Theological Education
  • October: Interim Ministry
  • November: Church Communications
  • December: Continuing Education &  Sabbatical

The goal for this year’s series of The Bridge is that it serves as a concise, useful resource that can be easily plugged into the life of the congregation. Some faith communities include each issue in their printed monthly newsletter. Other faith communities print out a stack each month and hand them out with the worship bulletins. A full list of ways that your congregation could utilize The Bridge includes:

  • Inserting the monthly PDF of The Bridge into your church’s digital or print newsletter
  • Copying and pasting the text of each issue into your monthly church newsletter with your own unique formatting
  • Copying and pasting the synod’s The Bridge link each month into your congregation’s Facebook newsfeed
  • Printing out a stack of copies and leaving them in a public space in the church
  • Utilizing the resource during your council meetings to help expand understanding of what the synod is and does
  • Incorporating the resource into new member classes

The Bridge is created for you, the people of the Southeastern Minnesota Synod! We hope that each issue of this resource in the year ahead is something you find purposeful and interesting.

Rev. Emily Carson serves as the Director of Communications for the Southeastern Minnesota Synod.

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