Our synod hosts a variety of events each year, and we want to make all of those resources and tools easily accessible to the people of southeastern Minnesota. Please utilize these materials and share them with others.

RENEW!: February 26

  • RENEW! feedback survey (Google Form)
  • Photo album (Facebook)
  • Worship booklet (PDF)
  • Rev. Susan Miller’s sermon (PDF)
  • Rev. Peter Soli’s resource list (PDF)
  • Purpose, goals, shared commitments and resources (PDF)
  • Video of Bishop Delzer, Rev. Eva. Jensen, and Rev. Peter Soli (Youtube)
  • Small group summaries (PDF)

Faith Formation Retreat: January 12-13, 2017

  • Mary Kay DuChene’s Power Point (link)

Theological Conference: November 6-8, 2016

  • Bishop Hazelwood’s PowerPoint (PDF link)

2016 Synod Assembly: May 6-7, 2016 

  • Event photos (link)
  • One-page report (the June issue of The Bridge) (link)
  • Power Point summary for use in congregations (download)
  • #churchtogether2016: Twitter feed from throughout the event (link)
  • Worship Services
    • Worship booklet (link)
    • Friday morning open worship video (link)
    • Saturday morning worship video (link)
  • Main Assembly Speakers
    • Rev. Dr. Jim Martin-Schramm
    • Peggy Hahn
      • Video (link)
      • PowerPoint Slides (link)
    • Mikka McCracken
  • Bible Study with Rev. Dr. Eric Barreto
  • Bishop Delzer’s Report of the Bishop
  • Leading Together Update with Terrence Hassanally, Chair of the synod’s Development Council (link)
  • Global Mission/Companion Synods Thank You Video (link)
  • Saturday Workshops
    • Rev. Dr. Jim Martin-Schramm
      • Video of workshop (link)
    • Rev. Justin Boeding
      • Video of workshop (link)
    • Peggy Hahn
      • Video of workshop (link)
    • Rev. Lanny Westphal
      • Video of workshop (link)
    • Dr. Allan Bieber
      • Video of workshop (link)
      • ELCA Video Summary about “Called Forward Together in Christ” (link)

RENEW!: February 28, 2016

  • Event photo album (link)
  • Bishop Delzer’s keynote address (video link)
  • Bishop Delzer’s article “Annual Reviews & Continuing Education” (link)
  • Map of venue – Trinity Lutheran Church, Owatonna (link)
  • Congregational audit (link)
  • Continuing Education Covenant (PDF or Word)
  • Ministry Review (PDF or Word)
  • “A Toolkit for Unhooking from Criticism” by Tara Sophia Mohr with a prayer by Rev. Emily Carson (link)
  • Workshop resources:
    • Terri Endres, Diaconal Minister
      • Portico’s Wholeness Wheel Labyrinth (link)
      • Leading a Healthy Congregation guide (link)
    • Rev. Patrick Patterson
      • “Margin” by Richard Swenson (link)
      • Pastor evaluation (link)
      • Peer feedback evaluation (link)
      • Strategic plan (link)
    • Rev. Kristi Mitchell
    • Rev. Shelley Cunningham

Fall Theological Conference: November 1-3, 2015

Building a Stewardship House: August 27, 2015

Spring Communications Workshop with Rev. David Hansen: May 18, 2015

2015 Synod Assembly: May 8-9, 2015

Councils as Leaders 2015

Family Ministry Retreat – January 2015

Fall Theological Conference 2014

Generations of Faith – October 12

Safeguarding God’s Children/Safe Church Resources

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