Working group name: Hands-On

Mission: To increase the hands-on activities of Southeastern Minnesota Synod congregations

Description of anticipated goals/activities: 

  1. Develop a booklet for churches to use with chapters of categories such as
    1.  definitions of food insecurity
    2. descriptions or stories of projects each church is doing
    3. the overall goals of our group
    4. inspirational quotes or books to read on the subject
  2. Develop a Speakers Bureau to visit churches and provide ideas and examples of programs they could use

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Group updates:

  • 1/29/15: We are working to assemble information about what all congregations of the Synod are currently doing to reduce hunger and create food security for everyone in our Synod geographical area.  We plan to create an online document that everyone can easily access.  This document would list all congregations of the Synod.  Each congregation will share what they’re doing, how they got started, and contact data so  you can ask questions and if they are willing to be a mentor in similar projects.   A mailing went out from the Synod about a year ago asking for information and especially stories about what congregations are doing about food insecurity.  If you did not get or did not respond to that mailing, please contact us thru Emily Carson at carson@semnsynod.org.  We really want to hear your stories!  For those of you who did respond, please share more of your stories so we can include them.  We are the people Jesus called to feed His hungry people.   Tell us about how you are doing it!


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