Blessing of the Interim

Congregational Leader: Dear Christian Friends; baptized into the priesthood of Christ, we all are called by the Holy Spirit to offer ourselves to the God of all creation in thanksgiving for what God has done and continues to do for us. Today we give thanks to God for the ministry that God has given to the people of _____________ Lutheran Church and for the faithful service of its members and former pastors, most recently Pastor ____________. And now we ask God’s guidance as the new part of the journey, the interim period begins. Let us pray together.

All: Gracious God, You have blessed and sustained us for many years and have given us life together in the Christian community of this congregation. Be with us now, we pray, as we enter this in-between time. Comfort us as we grieve the past or look anxiously to the future. Bless us and guide us as we reflect upon our history and dream dreams about our future, so that we might prepare for the next stage in this congregation’s life. Give us courage, patience and vision; and strengthen us in our Christian vocation of witness to the world and service to others, through Jesus the Christ. AMEN.

Interim Pastor: As we begin this interim time together, we begin new relationships. I have been chosen as your interim pastor, to be God’s servant among you during this special time, until that time when you call a permanent pastor. I pledge to you my commitment as a minister of the gospel among you; I will pray for your, listen to you, assist you in the tasks of this interim period, encouraging and challenging you as we move through this time together.

Congregation: And we, the people of _____________ Lutheran Church, receive you as a servant of God and pledge our partnership as we continue to use the gifts God has given us, the many ministries of the gospel in this place; in worship, education, witness, service, and stewardship.

Interim Pastor: May God bless us and lead us as we together embark on this interim journey. And may we view this time as a time of learning and growth as God’s spirit instructs and prepares us for the future mission and ministry of the church in this place.

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