Applications for 2018 sabbaticals are due July 1, 2017.

Beginning with the Bible’s story of creation, and quietly echoing down through all the generations and communities of the people of God, is the concept of Sabbath: the rhythm of work and rest, and how the wholeness of life is to be found in that harmony. Genesis reports that God rested after the labor of creation, and the writer of Hebrews invites us (with some urgency) to enter into the “rest of God.”

Likewise, our word “inspiration” is literally connected to the need to “breathe in” after a period of “breathing out.” Those who study parish ministry have found that healthy pastorates (especially those of longer duration) require that attention be paid to this “sabbatical” rhythm if that health – for both pastor and parish – is to be maintained. Far from simply being a “favor” to the pastor, the synod’s sabbatical program is designed to offer refreshment and renewal for the whole ministry of the congregation by taking seriously the need for our called leaders to be renewed and, yes, “inspired” by all of the dimensions – rest, reflection, study, prayer, and more – that are included in a period called “sabbatical.”

Any questions can be directed to Rev. Susan Miller , synod minister, at, 507-280-9457, or 800-426-6376 in Minnesota.

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