A Holy Week Message from Bishop Usgaard

Holy Week, 2012

Dear Partners in Ministry:

The Gospel of Mark always makes life interesting at Easter. It leaves us hanging. “So they went out and fled from the tomb, for terror and amazement had seized them; and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” (Mark 16:8)

“And they said nothing.” But we are the ones called to say something. Easter is a time for “terror and amazement” yes, but not a time to say nothing. We proclaim the glory of a God who stands in the face of sin and all evil. This is a God who breaks even the bonds of death. On Easter we are witnesses to a resurrection that will one day be ours. How can we not help but respond with “terror and amazement.”

So on Easter we proclaim a message that can only be shared with wonder and awe. The love of this God, the promises made to us. They are too much for us to fathom. But we can receive them, and with thankfulness sing praises.

It is Easter, and we dare not be quiet. I pray that you might find strength and joy in your proclamation this week.


Harold Usgaard

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One Response to A Holy Week Message from Bishop Usgaard

  1. Kay Wold says:

    I am in Florida and visited Kris Wee on Tuesday in Weeki Wachee. She sends her greetings to you. I am working on a sermon for April 15 and am feeling a new energy around proclamation.

    Peace in Christ, Kay (Lanesboro)

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