EnoughFoodForAll_Bag_VectorEnough Food for All is our synod’s six-year initiative to decrease food insecurity in southeastern Minnesota by 2020. We are excited to be offering grants to congregations who are interested in creating or further developing their local food ministries.

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Working Group background information:

  1. Healthy Food
  2. Advocacy
  3. Hands-On
  4. Building Bridges – Making Connections through Food

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Background information about Enough Food for All:

In 2013 the Synod Council joined Bishop Steve Delzer in calling for the end of food insecurity in the Southeastern Minnesota Synod by the year 2020. Toward that end a Food Insecurity Taskforce was developed to oversee the project. The initial role of the FIT year was:

  • Serving as liaison between Channel One and congregations
    • (in Mankato – Echo Food Shelf)
    • (identify other partners in other geographical areas)
  • Build a body of resources for congregational use
  • Serve as liaison between synod & advocacy groups &/or legislators
  • Serve as coalition builder with ecumenical groups
  • Communicate measurable outcomes to congregations
  • Identify “FIT” Mission Interpreters for each congregation (or work with existing congregational mission interpreters)
  • Develop strategic planning to keep the long term energy of the synod focused on food insecurity

The listening portions of the Strategic Planning and Feasibility Study in 2014-2015 significantly changed the synod’s plans. The process revealed this sentiment, “Our congregation is doing significant work in feeding people in our community. Instead of turning this into a major synodical program, help us to do the work in our local settings.”

With that in mind, the focus shifted to using Enough Food For All funds to provide grants for congregations to combat food insecurity in their local communities. Four members of the original Food Insecurity Taskforce have taken on the role of reviewing and approving grant applications. The goal of ending food insecurity remains. It now lives under the ‘Equipping Congregations’ portion of the synod’s priorities.


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