Helpful Mission Interpreter resources:

Signs you would make a great Mission Interpreter:

  • You like to listen to stories
  • You like to tell stories
  • You enjoy making connections with others
  • When you think about your church, you feel joyful
  • When you think about our synod and ELCA, you feel joyful
  • Reading the weekly e-news Bright Spot is a highlight

Mission Interpreters are lay, volunteer leaders from around the synod with a special, integral task. Their primary role is to share the love of Christ by sharing stories. Mission Interpreters empower congregational members to feel connected to God’s activity in and outside the walls of the sanctuary. Stories of the Spirit’s work through our synod and denomination are highlighted by Mission Interpreters.

For more information about these trainings or about mission interpreters, contact Shirley Gangstad, Synod Mission Interpreter Coordinator, at or 507-346-7679.


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