Each January the Southeastern Minnesota Synod publishes a one-page ministry report. Congregations are encouraged to include it in their annual reports or share it with their members through bulletin/newsletter/social media.

This year we have made the information available in several formats. Below is the full text of the document. You can copy and paste the information below into whatever format is most convenient for you. Here’s a downloadable WORD file, or you can utilize this PDF version. We’ve also created an abbreviated one-page infographic.

A Ministry Report of the Southeastern Minnesota Synod, ELCA
in celebration of the ministry that took place throughout 2016

We join together in giving thanks for the multitude of ways the Holy Spirit is at work through the people and congregations of our Southeastern Minnesota Synod!


  • 2 pastors were ordained
  • 3 Synodically Authorized Ministers were approved for candidacy
  • 171 rostered & lay leaders participated in the Fall Theological Conference in November 2016
  • 26 active ministry candidates across 6 seminaries are participating in the candidacy process
  • 191 congregational leaders participated in the RENEW! event in Spring 2016
  • 43 rostered leaders participated in the Emotional Intelligence Workshop


  • 22 congregations took part in Stewardship for All Seasons, utilizing a stewardship coach for a year
  • 9 congregations worked with LEAD (Living Everyday As Disciples), receiving a congregational assessment and coaching for a year
  • 49 congregations were in the call process
  • 23 congregations called a rostered leader
  • 532 people attended the Southeastern Minnesota Synod Assembly


  • 52 congregations partnered with congregations, schools, rural clinics and a hospital in Tanzania & Colombia
  • 2 synod representatives went to Colombia for a visit with the Lutheran Church in Colombia and the newly installed Bishop Atahualpa Hernandez
  • 2 synod representatives attended the 2016 Latin American Consultation in Lima, Peru
  • 1 synod representative attended the ELCA-ELCT (Tanzania) Consultation in Chicago, IL
  • 9 dispensaries (clinics) were visited as part of a synod-sponsored assessment in Central Diocese, Tanzania
  • The South Sudan Operations Team was formed which includes representatives from the five Southeastern Minnesota Synod South Sudanese worshipping communities


  • General benevolence supported ministry happening in the synod, throughout the ELCA, and the world:
    • $491,000 for Developing Leaders
    • $566,000 for Equipping Congregations
    • $180,000 for Accompanying Global Partners
  • Special giving opportunities accomplished:
    • Over $110,000 given or pledged to South Sudan to build a Lutheran Center and support Rev. Wal Reat as a missionary
    • $168,000 to ELCA World Hunger (through September)

Peace in Christ,
Steven Delzer, Bishop

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