God's work. Our (Lutheran) hands.The 2011 Synod Assembly was held May 6-7 at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN.


News stories, including a complete report (print-ready versions available of the report), are available on the 2011 Synod Assembly News page. More news bits, including photos, are available on the synod’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/semnsynod). Also check out Twitter (@semnsynod or #semnassembly).

An additional resource: If you’d like additional copies of the One-To-One booklets used during the assembly, click here to download the PDF.


Our was “God’s work. Our (Lutheran) hands.” It took us back to the basics of what it means to be Lutheran. Keynote presentations, Bible study, workshops, and worship explored the topic from a number of different angles. Hint: It’s not just hymns and Jello!


For 12 years the Southeastern Minnesota Synod has been supporting Peace Lutheran Church of Eyota, Minn. as a new ministry start. We have walked together as they were formed, began worshipping in the gymnasium of the Dover-Eyota Elementary School, and became a congregation. Throughout the years, the financial support and prayers of the synod have been with them.

In 2011, they will take the next big step in their ministry – starting work on a building of their own. The offering taken during opening worship at the 2011 Synod Assembly will be one more step that the people of Peace and all of the synod take together.

More than $9,109.83 was collected for Peace. The November issue of The Bridge tells Peace’s story.

Voters and congregations were also asked to bring some material items to the assembly. One of the workshops put “Lutheran hands” to work packaging hospice kits for Tanzania. Nearly 500 complete kits were assembled and about another 100 were only missing one item. Read on for a full explanation about hospice kits.

Pre-Assembly Report

The Pre-Assembly Report is the document that allows voters to prepare for the assembly. It contains everything from maps and instructions to the agenda to reports from around the synod to resolutions and nominations.

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