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Theme: For God So Loved the World
Key Bible Verses: John 3:16-17
Dates: May 8-9, 2015
Location: Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, MN

Pre-Assembly Report

Additional Information:

  • What is a Synod Assembly?

The Synod Assembly is a gathering of the members of the Southeastern Minnesota Synod, ELCA, some of whom have been granted the responsibility of being voting members to the Synod Assembly. The assembly gathers for worship, Bible study, fellowship and the business of the synod – budget, elections, resolutions and reports.

How is an assembly conducted?

Bishop Delzer will run the business meeting of the assembly using Robert’s Rules of Order to preside over the proceedings. A parliamentarian will be in attendance and a recorder will take the minutes of the assembly for publication. One of the first actions of the assembly is the adoption of the rules and agenda of the assembly. Details will be in the Pre-Assembly Report.

What is a voting member?

At least two members of each of the 176 congregations and synodically authorized worshipping communities of the synod assemble as duly selected members of congregations with voting responsibilities for governance and elections on behalf of the synod. They are not sent as delegates from a given caucus; they are not gathered to act as some politicized delegates to a regional party convention.

The number of voting members each congregation is eligible to send can be found at the top of this page.

What is the responsibility of a voting member?

In assembly, voting members review the work of the synod, adopt a budget, elect representatives, ratify resolutions, and oversee various other business of the synod. The synod assembly is the highest legislative authority. Voting membership is comprised of 60% lay voters and 40% clergy voters.

Is voter substitution allowed?

Yes. If you are only able to attend Synod Assembly on the first day of the event, it is permissible for another voter to substitute for you on the second day. In this scenario, only ONE person (the Friday voter) would register. The person who substitutes the following day will use all of the Friday voter’s materials (name page, registration packet, information, etc.). The Saturday voter does NOT re-register or check-in. They are permitted to utilize all of the Friday voter’s materials and operate as if he/she is the Friday voter.

Writing a resolution

If you are interested in bringing a resolution forth during the assembly, it is due by March 15, 2015. Be sure to read this article entitled, “Write Your Resolution Right: A Quick and Easy Guide” (PDF available here).

How to prepare?

The Pre-Assembly Report will be be posted by section as available. The entire report will available online at by April 1. Contents include a preliminary agenda, reports, proposed budget, audited financial statements, nominations, and resolutions.

These materials are to be reviewed with other voting members and rostered staff from the congregation prior to the assembly. This information should be brought to the assembly for easy reference.

Each congregation is responsible for ensuring its voting members have access to the report. If you do not have internet access, please contact your pastor or congregation’s office.

What about parking?

Parking is available in several city parking ramps accessible by skyway connections to Mayo Civic Center. There is also a surface lot available on Center Street across from the Civic Center. Maps will be included in the Pre-Assembly Report.

What about meals?

A continental breakfast Friday and Saturday, lunch Friday and Saturday, and a dinner on Friday are included in the registration fee.

What about lodging?

A block of rooms has been set aside at the Doubletree Hotel. Call 507-281-8000 and ask for the Southeastern Minnesota Synod, ELCA block of rooms. April 16 is the deadline for booking a room at the Doubletree to get the special price of $120 plus tax. A list of other hotels is available at

What about registration?

Registration materials will be available through the River Crossings magazine, in our weekly e-news, and online at You may register online using a credit card or check or register by mail with a check. In many cases your congregation support staff will complete the registration process for you. The fee is $175/person. Registrations should be postmarked by April 22 or completed online by April 24. On-site registration is available at a higher cost.

It is highly recommended that each individual’s email address is included so they can receive additional assembly information. Addresses will not be sold or shared. If an individual does not have an email address, another voting member or a member of the congregation’s staff should share any updates.

More information?

Assembly information is published weekly in our synod e-news (sign-up at You may also call the synod office for additional information – 507-280-9457 or 800-426-6376 in Minnesota.

Additional tools and resources:

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