• The annual Report to the Bishop is an opportunity for you to connect directly with Bishop Delzer. He looks forward to your responses and feedback. Completion of this required report is one of the commitments rostered leaders are invited to make upon entering the synod. The report is due back to Bishop Delzer by March 3, 2017.

    Please submit your completed report to Bishop Delzer in one of three ways: #1) Digital submission using the instructions below and then emailing it to delzer@semnsynod.org or #2) Print out the blank form, manually write in your responses, and mail it to 1001 14th St NW, Suite 300, Rochester, MN 55901 or #3) Complete the Word doc format and email it to delzer@semnsynod.org.

    PLEASE NOTE: Completing fillable PDFs is convenient, but in order to ensure your work is saved, you MUST follow some specific steps. If you don’t follow these steps, you may experience extreme grouchiness and frustration. 

    1. Ensure you have the appropriate software. Do you have a program on your computer that will allow you to complete a fillable PDF? Adobe Acrobat Reader is a good option for both Mac and PC.
    2. Save the PDF/Download the PDF. This is a critical step. If you click on the PDF link and immediately start typing into it, there will be problems. Instead, save it first. Right click on the report and save it. Or you may click on the link, open the report, and then download it. Then, go into the downloads on your computer. Open the file. And THEN begin typing. After you’ve completed the form, save it with your first and last name as the file name. Then….
    3. Email the completed form to delzer@semnsynod.org.


  • Fillable PDF Formats:
    • Report for Active Rostered Leaders (this includes those who are in specialized ministry, on disability, and on leave from call): PDF
    • Report for Retired Rostered Leaders: PDF 


  • Word Doc Formats:

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