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Bishop’s 5K: September 26
By Rev. Emily Carson

When it comes to ending food insecurity in our region, we can do far more by joining together as a synod than we can do individually. Participating in the upcoming Bishop’s 5K in Rochester on September 26 is one way you and your congregation can support our synod’s Enough Food for All initiative.

This year’s walk/run is the second annual Bishop’s 5K, and Bishop Steven Delzer can’t wait!  “I get so excited about the opportunity for people to be together to have fun, get some exercise, and raise our awareness about food insecurity.  I especially appreciate the team of marvelous people who take care of all the planning and arrangements.”

Bishop Delzer wants the people of our synod to understand the seriousness of food insecurity in our region: “1 in 10 people in southeastern Minnesota experience food insecurity, and when it comes to children 1 in 6 experience food insecurity. Food insecurity is not having consistent access to adequate and nutritious food. Together we can change that!”

The 5K is meant to be an engaging, interactive way to build awareness and express our synod’s support of hunger eradication. Planning committee member Rev. Kim Cassidy expressed, “I appreciate how this event blends together an opportunity to raise funds to address food insecurity while also promoting health and wellness for participants, reminding all of us that “enough food for all” means more than just making sure everyone has something to eat – nutrition and health are key!”

Rev. Bob Stover is serving as this year’s planning committee lead and is enthused about the intended uses for the funds raised. “The first $3,000 will be directed for the synod to award in grants to congregations creating new initiatives to end food insecurity. All remaining proceeds will be divided between Channel One and the ECHO Food Shelf.” The first congregational grants will be available in January 2016 with applications available later this fall. Additional details will be forthcoming.

If you are unable to participate in the walk/run, there are other ways you and your congregation can get involved. Planning committee member Rev. Rebecca Wold Freeman shares, “For those who are not able to physically take part in the run/walk, you are certainly invited to sponsor a runner or walker to raise money that day.  Prayer support, awareness of the hunger in our community, as well as monetary and food donations are great ways to become involved in this event. Additionally, if you are not up to running or walking, but would like to volunteer your time on the day of the event, we would love for you to help!”

Thank you for your support of our synod’s second annual Bishop’s 5K! We hope to see you in Rochester for the event on September 26. For registration and additional details, visit

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