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Dates: March 4-6, 2018

Location: Mt Olivet Retreat Center

Retreat leader: Rev. Sarah Ciavarri, Certified Daring Way Facilitator-Consultant

Rising Strong™ in Church Leadership

Christ rose so that we too rise strong.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still hard falls we take in church leadership.  What does it take to get back up?  We will explore the unique connections of serving as a church leader during ever-changing times and landscapes and Dr. Brené Brown’s newest research on resilience.  Our time will connect head and heart.  Personal practice and theory. We will explore how the stories we use to understand our challenges in ministry influence not only our self-understanding as leaders in the church but also our actions and behaviors.  Are we stuck in ways of thinking that don’t serve the Body of Christ or us in life-giving ways? When we’ve been caught by hard emotions, do we try to avoid them?  Through short lectures, self-exploration, and small group discussion we will develop new critical awareness and practices to strengthen resiliency.  Connections to faith, Scripture, and theology are woven throughout.  A Rising Strong™ in Church Leadership labyrinth walk will be part of our time.

Learning Objectives

  • Greater clarity around areas of personal growth related to authentic life and leadership
  • Increased clarity of personal values that guide leadership
  • Learning and practicing healthy strategies to use with strong emotions
  • Honed critical awareness to cultural myths around vulnerability and how these limit connecting with self, God, and others
  • Increased capacity for curiosity and resiliency
  • Tools for cultivating daily practices of rising strong when we fall

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