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Event Highlights…

  • You can find video clips of certain portions on our YouTube channel here.
  • The proposed spending plan for the fiscal year 2022-23 was approved and can be found in the Pre-Assembly Report in section 1, page 40.
  • Because the equivalent number of nominees for each vacancy on the election of synod council and synod committee positions were on the ballot, they were all declared elected. (Reference: Robert’s Rules of Order, 11th Edition, page 443, II 7-10.)
  • Because of the equivalent number of nominees for each vacancy on the 2022 Churchwide Assembly voters and alternates ballot, they were all declared nominated. (See reference above.)
  • Vice President Ann Peterson shared out-going remarks as she steps down from ten years of service as the Synod Vice President. (View here.)

Meeting Minutes


Saturday, May 8 (one day only)
Online via Zoom
Links and detailed instructions have been emailed to all registered participants. If you believe you are registered and have not received the pre-event email, check your spam folders and call the synod office with questions.

*More details and instructions on how to prepare are below, so keep scrolling. Be sure to check back to this page regularly for new information.

Orientation Event
Saturday, May 1 at 9:00 AM

Open to all registered voting members! Join us for the opportunity to gather on Zoom before the assembly, practice voting, make sure you have all the materials and technology ready to be present for the event. More details to come, but save the date now!

Worship Service Available!
The Assembly worship service will be made available to congregations on Saturday, May 8, for use in their worship services on Sunday. This is an amazing opportunity to share a little bit of assembly with your whole congregation. The full worship service will be available as a video on YouTube, Facebook, and for download. (Please note that if you choose to download and stream it, you must have the proper license. More details on how to use synod-produced worship services is available here.)

Draft Agenda
8-9 AM  Check-In
9-Noon  Worship and Session 1
Noon-1 PM  Lunch Break
1-3:30 PM Session 2

(Find a detailed proposed agenda in section 1, page 3, of the Pre-Assembly Report.)

$100 for early registration, by April 10
$120 for late registration, by April 17
$50 for youth registration (age 18 or younger as of May 8, 2021)

When registering…

  1. Placeholder names may not be used.
  2. Each voting member must have a unique email address that they will be able to access during the event. (This is how ballot voting will happen.)
  3. No registrations can be accepted, changed, or transferred to another person after April 17, 2021.

(Registration must have been received or postmarked no later than April 17. No exceptions.)


We will be celebrating God’s everlasting faithfulness as we gather on May 8, 2021 for Synod Assembly. Through the advance gifts of individuals and congregations along with the worship service offering, we will raise $40,000 which will be stewarded to support the work of our synod’s ministry partners and start the Holy Spirit Fund.

75% Ministry Partners – $30,000

  • Crossroads Campus Ministry (Mankato): $12,500
  • Lutheran Campus Center (Winona): $12,500
  • Luther Seminary – $1,500
  • Good Earth Village – $1,500
  • Minnesota Council of Churches – $1,000
  • Lutheran Advocacy-Minnesota – $1,000


25% Holy Spirit Fund – $10,000

The Holy Spirit Fund is a new account designed to provide a way for the synod to come alongside congregations who are following the movement of the Holy Spirit in innovative, Gospel-centered ways. The congregations of the synod are all invited into the same central purpose; we are “called and sent to bear witness to God’s creative, redeeming, and sanctifying activity in the world.” The intention of the Holy Spirit Fund is to support congregations as they explore new ways to bear witness to God’s activity in the world.


Pre-Assembly Report

View or download the complete Pre-Assembly Report here.

*We strongly recommend that all assembly voting members download this document to your second device for easy reference during the event.

If you prefer, the Pre-Assembly Report is available to view as individual sections:

  • Section One: Event Guide, information to prepare for Assembly
  • Section Two: Synod Stories, reports from tables, teams, and staff
  • Section Three: Celebrations, ordination anniversaries and retirements
  • Section Four: Worship, materials to follow along
  • Section Five: Additional Stories, reports from ministry partners

For additional reference:

  • The proposed 2022 Minimum Compensation and Benefits Guidelines

How do I participate in the digital event?

The event will be held primarily in a Zoom meeting.

What each voting member needs:

  1. A device to participate in the Zoom meeting. Preferably a computer or tablet, perhaps connected to your television or a projector. Some of the voting will take place in the Zoom meeting and you will be able to send messages to the host. (Note: even if you plan to watch with other voting members in the same space, you still need to be logged into the Zoom meeting on your own device. This is the only way we can know you are present and the only way you will be able to vote on non-ballot issues.)
  2. A second device, like a smartphone or tablet, for ballot voting. This device must connect to the internet and allow you to access the email account you registered with. You will use this device to cast your ballots for certain votes. We also recommend downloading the Pre-Assembly Report to this device for quick and easy reference.
  3. Access to your email. (Make sure it is the email address you–and only you–used to register for the event.) When ballots are open for voting, links will be sent to this email address.

How to prepare:

  1. Download the Zoom program/app to the device you plan to attend the meeting with. Make sure to update it right before assembly! Sometimes there are features you can only use on Zoom if you have the most current version. Learn how to update Zoom by clicking here.
  2. Plan to attend the Orientation Event on Saturday, May 1. (Links have been sent to all registered attendees.) This Zoom meeting will be an opportunity to make sure you understand how the meeting will work, practice how to vote on the ballots, get a feel for the Zoom environment as it will be for assembly, and more.
  3. Update your Zoom display name! This is extremely important since this is how we identify you for check-in. If your display name does not clearly show your first and last name, the process becomes more complicated.
    • If you have a Zoom account, update your display name before the event. Learn how to do that online from any computerfrom the Mac desktop app, or on your iPad. (Click on whichever device you are using to be taken to a video that will show you how.)
    • If you do not have a Zoom account and do not wish to create one, this will limit the Zoom features you have access to. If you choose to use this method follow these directions for entering the meeting. You must enter your first and last name. (Please note that these instructions were created for students by the Norfolk Public Schools in Virginia, so you can ignore the language about teachers. However, the instructions still apply to this event, and will show you exactly what you need to do.)

How do I make a motion or a second?

If the meeting chair calls for a motion or second, you may do so by sending a chat message to the Zoom host with your name and the congregation name and city of which you are a member. (Learn how to send a chat message here.)

How do I speak from the floor?

  1. Raise your Zoom hand. (In the meeting controls click on “reactions” and select “raise hand.”)
  2. Send a chat message to the Zoom host with your name, the congregation name and city of which you are a member, and whether you are for or against the topic (if applicable).
  3. Wait until you are introduced and unmuted by the host. (You may choose to have your video on or off, it is up to you.)
  4. You will have no more than two minutes to speak. If you go over the time limit, you will be muted again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will closed captioning be available?
A: Yes! You will have the option to turn automated closed captioning on or off in the Zoom event.

Q: What if my congregation can’t afford to pay for voting members to attend?
A: If this is the case, the synod can help. Please contact Rev. Emily Carson via email for details.

Q: What if I don’t have more than one device to use during the assembly?
A: We strongly encourage you to connect with your congregation’s leadership for assistance. You may also consider asking family or friends, or see if your local library has devices they are able to loan.

Q: What if I plan to participate with other registered attendees in the same room? Can we watch it together on one screen?
A: No. You must each enter the Zoom meeting on your own devices. (Of course, you may watch on one big screen together, but you will need to participate in the Zoom meeting at different points on your own device, so stay logged in either way.)

Q: What if I have not received the pre-event email that has all the links I need?
A: This email was sent on April 29 from the address If you do not see the email, first check your other folders in your email inbox (like promotions) to see if it went there. You may search for the email address it came from ( Then check your spam or junk folder. If you know you are a registered participant and are certain you never received it, please call the synod office at (507)280-0457 and talk to Ashley.

Q: What if I have technical questions that I can’t figure out on the day of the event?
A: We have a team of IT professionals who will be on-site to take your phone calls with any technical questions! They can be reached at (833)350-2300.

How do I nominate someone from the floor?

Click here for detailed instructions.

How do I submit a late resolution?

Click here for detailed instructions.

How do I submit an amendment to the proposed budget?

First: do you have a question about the proposed budget? Please email the synod treasurer, Jeff Chestnut, at He would be happy to address any questions you have.

Click here for detailed instructions.

Printable Registration Form (must be postmarked no later than April 17)
Guide to Assembly Voting Members