Call Process

“The most life-giving aspect of the call process was entering with the mindset that no matter what happened, this was a mutual discernment conversation. The call process isn’t like other job interviews where you walk in and do/say what you think will impress the panel/committee. It was a process of two-way discernment.” – Rev. Ally Bowman, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Le Center

“The whole call committee wanted what was best for Trinity. The congregation had a great deal of input, the committee spent a year and a half reading resumes, interviewing several candidates and praying that what was best would happen. During this time, we knew that we would not settle on anyone but the best and Trinity has a gem for a leader.” – Elloyce Queensland, Call Committee Chair at Trinity Lutheran Church, Blue Earth

Monthly Updates

Call and roster updates from our synod are updated monthly here. 


Call Process is that unique and prayerful way by which the synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America engage their congregations, church-related organizations and rostered leaders (ministers of word and service & ministers of word and sacrament) in a time of thoughtful assessment and spiritual discernment of the way God may be drawing each toward the other for mutual ministry for the sake of the mission and ministry of the church. The July issue of “The Bridge” is a one-page overview of what the call process is all about. View it here. 

Call Process Manual for Congregations of the Southeastern Minnesota Synod

The call process, that of saying goodbye to one rostered minister and greeting a new one, can be confusing. This section provides a step-by-step guide with lots of information on how to proceed through this process. These files are all PDFs, viewable with Adobe Reader.

Interim Ministry

Forms and information for interims.

Ministry Site Profile

An early step in calling a rostered leader is completing a Ministry Site Profile, a document that describes your congregation’s history, ministry, membership, community, and leadership needs. More info at

Rostered Leader Profile

Rostered leaders in the ELCA complete a Rostered Leader Profile to enter the call process. These forms tell synod staff and possible ministry sites (congregations or other ministries) more about the leader. More info at

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