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Children, Youth, & Family 

Little Cedar Daycare
Little Cedar Lutheran Church in Adams, MN
Posted until December 13, 2017

Have a passion of working with children? Little Cedar Daycare in Adams, MN is looking for a childcare assistant! The schedule would be full time, Monday-Wednesday 8:00-3:30, Thursday 8:00-5:30, and Friday 11:30-5:30. Times may slightly differ depending on census. Some of the responsibilities of the assistant would be:

  • Maintains current knowledge in the field of Early Childhood Development.
  • Ensure safe implementation of activities. Condition of equipment and facilities; age – appropriateness; ability levels; weather; appropriate use of equipment and supplies.
  • Directly supervise children and youth within guidelines established by Little Cedar, and in compliance with applicable state licensing regulations.

For a full job description and to apply, please send a copy of your resume and cover letter to


First Lutheran Church, Kenyon, MN
Posted indefinitely

Part-time position. First Lutheran Church in Kenyon is looking for a part-time organist to assist with worship services on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening, and weddings and funerals. For information, please contact Rev. Mathsen at 507-789-6770. 



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