Pulpit Supply Details:

  • Synod guidelines for pulpit supply payment can be found in the current version of the Synod Compensation Guidelines. The 2024 guidelines state: "For Sunday mornings and midweek services, the congregation or parish shall compensate the supply pastor or worship leader $175 for the first worship service, plus $50 for each additional worship service on the same day. Auto reimbursement shall be at the current IRS standard mileage rate which can be found at www.irs.gov."
  • The synod encourages all congregations and pulpit supply leaders to clarify the plan for inclement weather in advance. Discern together whether payment will still be granted & how the weather cancelation will be communicated.
  • To apply for inclusion on our synod pulpit supply list, please submit this online application annually (link) or mail in the paper version (PDF).
  • Clergy rostered leaders on the list are eligible to preside over Holy Communion. Lay leaders on the list are eligible to lead worship but not eligible to preside over Holy Communion.

Get the Current List:

  • You will need the password to access this (in order to keep personal contact info secure!). If you do not have it, please call the office or contact any member of the Office of the Bishop Staff.
  • In the menu on the left (or at the top) of this page, click on "The Pulpit Supply List."

Add Yourself to the List:

  • Fill out the application here to be considered. (Or pint the PDF below and mail it in.)