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For Lent 2023, you are invited to join individuals and congregations in the Southeastern Minnesota Synod as we explore ministry together with our partners around the globe. 40 Together: 1 Body, 1 Ministry, 40 Days Lenten initiative is designed to practice ministry together in accompaniment of our siblings in Christ in Tanzania, Colombia, the U.S./Mexico borderlands, and our local South Sudanese communities.

We are inviting each congregation to consider giving $1 for every member of their congregation during Lent. One dollar each, one time, in whatever way your community sees fit (for example, a congregation with 300 members might consider mailing in a gift of $300 during 40 Together). The funds collected during this time will go to Tanzanian education and healthcare, Colombian education, local South Sudanese hunger ministries, local refugee ministries (including resettlement), and local food grants.


Daily Devotions Book (PDF)

A devotion for each Monday-Saturday of Lent, written by various leaders and members from around the synod.


Weekly Activities Packet (PDF)


  • A prayer to start your time together

  • A weekly activity for use with nearly any age or group size, modifiable to your context

  • Discussion questions for use around a home or church table

  • Recipe of the week, each focusing on the Tanzanian or Colombian culture

  • One theme song: “We Are Marching in the Light” (found in ELW 866), provided in multiple languages with teaching videos

  • Blessings in Swahili, Spanish, and English to use whenever and wherever your family or small group meets