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Cost of the retreat is $150 per person. This cost includes an overnight stay at Good Earth Village, dinner Thursday, breakfast Friday, and cost of assessment needed to actively participate. This retreat will have 3 parts. The first is the actual retreat, with a follow-up one on one with Karen Gieseke, and then a group follow up.

Our topic is: Exploring Culture & Intercultural Growth

We often see and describe our own culture through elements such as food, holiday, music, clothes, art, and more. What if we were curious to explore more deeply what culture means, how we see it, both our own and each others, and what we don’t currently see?

How might we learn to see what we currently don’t see, in our own culture and other cultures? This question is at the heart of the Intercultural Development Inventory.

 The IDI assessment tool helps an individual, a team, or an organization understand their current capacity to see and experience cultural differences and similarities. With this tool and an understanding of your current intercultural orientation, you can develop a path and take steps towards a deeper and more complex understanding of cultural differences.

The IDI framework is a valuable tool in the work of addressing structural racism, sexism, or other forms of oppression or marginalization.

INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE helps develop people’s ability at bridging cultural differences so that relationships are strengthened, and the human condition is improved for all God’s children to live and thrive.

“The most critical question we can ask in any examination of social or political action is, to whose benefit and at whose expense?” Intercultural Developmental Inventory 


January 19:
11 AM  Arrive, bring your own lunch
Noon  Welcome
2 PM  Session
5:30 PM  Dinner
7PM Worship

January 20:
8:15 AM  Gather
8:30 AM  Breakfast
9:45 AM  Session
Noon  Sending, followed by off-site lunch for those interested


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