Update for March 2024


  • Elkton, St. John’s -Solo Part Time
  • Lanesboro, Union Prairie -Solo Part Time
  • Sargeant, Evanger -Solo Part Time

Self Study:

  • Albert Lea, First –Senior Pastor (Intentional Interim-Rev. Trish Reedstrom-11/09/2023).
  • Austin, Grace & Oakland, Albert Lea –Solo/2 point (Intentional Interim-Rev. Mary Kay Ashley-05/01/2023).
  • Blooming Prairie –Associate (Bridge Pastor-Rev. Laurel Meester-11/01/2023).
  • Cannon Falls, Urland –Solo 
  • Faribault, Our Savior’s –Senior Pastor (Intentional Interim-Rev. Dr. Scott Olson-08/16/2023).
  • Kenyon, First Evangelical –Solo (Intentional Interim-Rev. Kris Ferkin-09/01/2023).
  • Lanesboro, Bethlehem (Fountain, Fountain Contracting) –Solo (Intentional Interim-Rev. Elizabeth Shank-02/01/2024).
  • Lewiston, St. Paul –Solo/Part Time (Bridge Interim-Rev. Tami Groth-10/01/2023).
  • Mabel, Mabel First –Solo-Scheie, Mabel & Henrytown, Canton (Intentional Interim-Rev. Carla Reierson-02/02/2022).
  • Mankato, Messiah –Solo (Intentional Interim-Rev. Tim Mc Dermott-11/15/2023).
  • Rochester, Zumbro –Associate (Contracted Pastoral Ministry-Rev. Timothy Rotman).
  • Rochester, Zumbro –Associate 
  • Waseca, St. John’s –Solo (Contracted Pastoral Ministry-Rev. Dr. Kristen Venne-10/01/2023).
  • Wells, Good Shepherd –Solo (Contracted Pastoral Ministry-Rev. Vernon Christopherson-02/01/2024).
  • Winona, Faith –Solo (Bridge Pastor)-Rev. Greg Schaefer
  • Zumbrota, Stordahl –Solo/Part Time (Contracted Pastoral Ministry, Rev. John Lohre-02/01/2024).


  • Albert Lea, Grace –Associate.
  • Fairmont, Grace –Associate (Intentional Interim-Rev. Cheryl Indehar-04/02/2023).
  • Glenville, Bethlehem –Solo/Part Time.
  • Rochester, Bethel –Associate.

Ready to Extend Call:


Call Extended: 


Call Accepted:

  • Rev. Christopher Meester, contracted at Trinity, Owatonna, to Associate Pastor at Trinity, Owatonna-02/04/2024.



Long-Term Contracted Extended and Accepted:


Partnering Experiment: