The deadline for submitting resolutions for the 2024 Synod Assembly is March 15, 2024.

A Brief Guide to Submitting a Resolution (PDF)

Committee Description:

There shall be a Committee on Reference and Counsel, consisting of six members, appointed by the Synod Executive Committee, for staggered terms of three years. Members may serve up to two consecutive terms. This committee shall receive, review, edit, and present resolutions to the Synod Assembly, and provide follow-up reports to the Synod Council and Synod Assembly on the result of any resolution approved by the Assembly.

A resolution may be submitted in the following ways:

  • by majority vote of a congregation of the synod at a regular or special meeting of the congregation;
  • by approval by a two-thirds vote of a congregation council; 
  • by majority vote of a committee of the Southeastern Minnesota Synod; 
  • by majority vote of a conference assembly; 
  • by a group of at least ten members of congregations of the Southeastern Minnesota Synod elected to serve as voting members of the forthcoming synod assembly; or
  • by a group of at least ten clergy voting members under call, sitting lay Synod Council members or other non-elected voting members at the time of the forthcoming synod assembly.

Minutes showing the adoption of such proposed resolutions from a meeting of a congregation, congregation council, synod committee, or conference assembly must accompany the submitted resolution. The signatures, typed names, and telephone numbers must be provided by voting members (of the forthcoming synod assembly) submitting a resolution.