There are five conferences in the Southeastern Minnesota Synod. Each conference serves to cultivate relationships between congregations, provide a community for ministry leaders, select representatives to boards and committees in the synod, and create workgroups in alignment with the mission of the synod. Officers are elected to represent each conference, including a Dean, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each conference holds monthly meetings (for rostered and lay leadership) and annual conference assemblies.

The 5 Conferences:
  • Blue Earth River
  • Cannon River
  • Minnesota River
  • Root River
  • Zumbro River

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*The county lines on this map provide general geographical boundaries, but in some cases, congregations belong to a conference other than that indicated. An updated explanation of conference boundaries will be made available soon. (Note: this paragraph was added June of 2023.)

Conference Officers for 2023-24

Updated June 7, 2023

Blue Earth River
  • Dean: Rev. Kristi Mitchell
  • Vice Dean: Rev. Dr. Jeanette Bidne
  • Secretary: Rev. Erica Cunningham
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Johnson
  • Chaplain: Rev. Dr. Jeanette Bidne
Cannon River
  • Dean: Rev. Drew Yackel
  • Vice Dean: Rev. Inger Hanson
  • Secretary: Rev. Kira Anderson
  • Treasurer: Rev. Hannah Bergstrom de Leon
  • Chaplain:
Minnesota River
  • Vice Dean: Rev. Liz Rossing
  • Vice Dean: Rev. Dave Reedstrom
  • Secretary: Sam Pollack
  • Treasurer: Becky Pollack
  • Chaplain: Rev. Trish Reedstrom
Root River
  • Dean: Rev. Kurt Bockoven
  • Vice Dean: Rev. Sarah Walker Brown
  • Secretary: Rev. Kay Wold
  • Treasurer: Rev. Nissa Peterson
  • Chaplain: Rev. Elizabeth Hermeier
Zumbro River
  • Dean: Rev. Megan Reedstrom
  • Vice Dean: Rev. Lisa Janke
  • Secretary: Rev. Nikki Rockne
  • Treasurer: Larry Laber
  • Chaplain: 

Conference Meetings

Each month during the program year (September through May), rostered and lay ministry leaders gather for conference meetings in their respective conferences. Please contact your conference secretary to get added to your conference’s mailing list. The general gathering schedule is as follows (always subject to change):

  • Blue Earth River Conference:
    • 9:00AM fellowship, 10:00AM worship, 10:45AM/11AM program, 11:45AM lunch
  • Cannon River Conference:
    • 9:00AM fellowship, 10:00AM worship, 11:00AM announcements, updates, and a presentation, 12:00PM lunch
  • Minnesota River Conference:
    • 9:30AM fellowship coffee, 10:00AM worship, 10:30AM program, 11:30AM meal
  • Root River Conference:
    • 9:00AM fellowship, 9:30AM introductions and announcements, 10:00-10:30AM worship, 10:30AM break, 10:35AM-12:00PM program, 12:00PM lunch and table discussion
  • Zumbro River Conference:
    • 9:00AM fellowship, 9:45AM introductions and announcements, 10:00AM worship, 10:30AM break, 10:35AM program, 12PM lunch


Annual Conference Assemblies

Each conference shall hold a Conference Assembly at least annually, typically at the beginning of February. Each congregation shall be represented by its pastor(s), Deacons, and three times the number of lay voting members it is entitled to at the Synod Assembly. (See document below for specifics.) Resolutions may be submitted by the given deadline and elections will be held for open conference positions. In the year before Churchwide Assembly voters are elected at a Synod Assembly, conferences will elect their representatives.

How many voters can a congregation send to the Conference Assembly? Find the latest guide here.

Current conference assembly details will be added to the events page of our website. Check there for specific dates, locations, and times.