Saturday, May 6, 2023

Assembly Process Updates for 2023

The Synod Council is facilitating important process updates in advance of the 2023 Synod Assembly. These shifts are intended to increase informed engagement by the people of the synod. These changes will impact 1) the spending plan, 2) the resolutions that come before the assembly, and 3) the minimum compensation guidelines. 

In the videos below, you’ll hear from Jeff Chestnut, synod treasurer, with updates on processes related to the 2024-2025 spending plan. You’ll also hear from Lisa Dierks, synod vice president, about a new timeline and process for the annual minimum compensation guidelines. And finally, you’ll hear from Dave Borka, synod parliamentarian, with an updated approach to the work overseen by the synod’s Committee on Reference and Counsel. 

Thank you for taking the time to view these brief video updates and/or read the scripts; please share this information with the voting members of your congregation.

Budget News

from Synod Treasurer Jeff Chestnut

Compensation Guidelines News

from Synod Vice President Lisa Dierks

Resolution News

from Synod Parliamentarian Dave Borka


Notice of the 2023 Assembly


Display space at this event is limited. If your ministry or organization is interested in having space at this assembly, you may fill out the application here by March 24. The Policy for Displays can be found here.


Learn more about resolutions and how to bring one to the assembly by visiting the Committee on Reference on Reference and Counsel page for more information.

Pre-Assembly Report

Stay tuned for release dates and additional information.


Find all information, including the workbook and forms, by clicking here!

Open positions for 2023 include: Lay and rostered at-large members, two youths (confirmed through age 17), one young adult (age 18-30), Consultation Committee (lay and rostered), Committee on Discipline (lay and rostered), and up to six Augsburg University Corporation Board members.

Synod Assembly Offering

The 2023 Synod Assembly offering will support (1) the Holy Spirit Fund and (2) the synod's ministry partners. The Holy Spirit Fund provides a way for the synod to come alongside congregations who are ready to follow the movement of the Holy Spirit in collaborative, community-oriented, Gospel-centered ways. A new granting process will be launched at the assembly! The synod's ministry partners include Lutheran Advocacy - Minnesota, Minnesota Council of Churches, Region 3 Archives, Continuous Growth Pathway, Good Earth Village, Lutheran Campus Center - Winona, and Crossroads Campus Ministry - Mankato. Your giving through the offering helps the synod to meet its 2023 financial commitment to these incredible partners! 

Contributions to the event offering can be shared by individuals and congregations. They can be given in advance of the assembly by mailing in a check to the office or giving online (and selecting the fund 'Synod Assembly'). Gifts can also be given during the assembly itself.